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Who were The Roses?
This simple question, banal and meaningless once, has shaken the planet Orrthus, reshaping its continents, and reforming the nature of magic itself.

Orrthus is defined by it’s few surviving pieces of land:
The southern pole Canto
The island chain Taerga
The flying continent Aeia
The continent Maw

An ocean of black water now takes up more of the life than is left on the pockets of land, patrolled by enormous creatures of the deep. However, a few pockets of civilization exist below the sea that most land walkers recognize:
Roraye and its sister cities Zasoa and Kratayen

Magic has been fractured by the events surrounding The Roses. Divine and Arcane Magic have drifted further apart in nature. Anyone counterspelling, reading magic, or attempting to learn a spell of the opposite source takes a -4 penalty on the Spellcraft attempt.

Arcane Magic: Humans have almost totally lost the art of arcane magic. Only humans who have migrated or learned arcane magic from other races retain the art, but even they have lost knowledge of how Necromancy is performed. The elves and the drow are the strongest surviving magocracies outside of Canto. Full casters, especially those who are academically taught, require labs, or are self taught, usually have encountered an elf or specifically sought out their fabled schools. However, even the elves either do not remember o refuse to speak of Necromancy.

Divine Magic: Divine Magic, by contrast, has become an almost exclusively human practice. In fact, any spell cast in armor is considered to be Divine in origin to the uneducated. The surviving deities are almost all human, or human with slight changes to the human body for aesthetic or symbolic reasons. Thus, a new form of worship is the norm: sacrificial altars. Every temple has one altar of some size to give burnt offerings to its patron deity. These offerings, when burnt in the altar, are sent to the planar home of that deity. However, the deities are completely reliant on the offerings their devotees bring them. Almost every god and goddess requires food to be burnt in their altar to continue to survive. The process of the burning transmutes the food to the ambrosia the human pantheon needs to survive, a process lost to all but 3 high priests who still understand what is required to make the altars that can sustain the dying gods. For characters, please talk to me if you have a non-human Divine caster. Again, only one god can grant inflicting, healing undead, and any necromancy spells.

Deities: The very nature of what a God is was warped by The Roses (see Divine Magic). Only 3 non human deities survived the changes without needing the new form of worship. The current pantheon is:
Orrt: A genderless deity, the embodiment of the natural word
The Lost God of Death, Gluttony, Sleep, and Memory
Us Goddess of Elves, beauty, stars, water, and mirrors
Human Pantheon:
Zorin Master of the sun, strength, and shield against the dark
Lage Goddess of mourning, fate, prophecy, death, and birth
Tibris God of magic, language, learning, records, and commerce
Raya A twin deity, half-male half-female, of beauty, illusion, charm, adventure, and joy

The Roses The individuals who are considered responsible for the current state of Orrthus, most information about them and what they did is now lost to time but for these details.

Class and Race Specifics: Information on the classes and races of Orrthus. If you have further questions, speak to me.
All spellcasting classes: Necromancy does not function outside of Canto. You cannot learn necromancy spells unless you go to Canto. If you prepare a necromancy spell you have learned and cast it outside of Canto, the spell slot is used but the spell does not function at all.
Necromancers, Evil clerics, and Undead sorcerer bloodlines are not in existence.
Humans are the primary practicers of Divine magic. Arcane magic cast by a human is usually learned from another race. Divine magic can be used by any race, but humans are the most common.
Dhampirs are essentially impossible in this setting. If you have your heart set on one, we can discuss a backstory, but you will be fucked for getting healing as necromancy doesn’t function.

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